Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a terrible, horrible, no good week....UNTIL TODAY! :)

So, this week sucked. i hope no one is offended by that word, but its the best descriptive word that I could think of. We had drama at church, which no one likes, but I think that if we can all move past it, it will be a great thing. A staff member was let go, due to conflicts with the pastor, amongst other things that our pastor was gracious enough to not smear around. He felt God's leading to go ahead and do what needed to be done, and he did it. The response was insane. Our youth leader was a nice lady. To our youth, she was "cool." Now, needless to say, over half of our youth and their families no longer attend our church. I understand that it was sad that she had to go, but really. Are you following her or Jesus? Do you not trust your leader to follow Jesus to make decisions? This was the situation that led to my deleting my Facebook. I may return to it after this, but after I "clean" my friends list up. The comments that have been made against my pastor and my church are some of the most disrespectful, hateful, vengeful things that i have ever seen. Sadly, I do believe that God will deal with them because of it. I do believe in a God who casts judgment where it is due. I do believe that He uses it for correction, of sorts. Ministry is NOT easy. It is one of the hardest things that a person can do, because the spiritual attacks are horrid. My husband is a worship leader, and the attacks that he experiences are terrible. I can't imagine what all the pastor goes through, aside from all the other things that he has on his plate. I just want to take a minute though, and say that I am proud to have a pastor that follows Jesus, even if it causes him pain and persecution, which is what he has received this week.
I have also had drama with the person that i have felt for the last year was a great friend. Im not even going to go into those details, but we can just say that it turned out to not be much of a friendship at all. It makes me very sad, but, honestly, I want friends around me who love me and encourage me. Ones that can support me in my walk with Christ, and who have the courage to correct me when I fall short (which i do often). Thats the kind of friends that I need. I am praying through this, and just trying to refocus on the one that matters...Jesus. Its all about Him, anyway. Why should I waste me time on things that don't even matter?

Now, to the GREAT FINALE of a terrible, horrible week! Service this morning at New Life was nothing short of amazing. I have never seen people worship like they were this morning, and after the week I described above, it was well needed for many of us. Our pastor brought a very difficult message, but did amazing as always. I will figure out how to post a gadget on here that connects to our website so that anyone who wants to listen to his messages can. He is very real and relevant and easy to understand. He is also extremely funny. :) Well, I guess that is all for now. Ill check back in later.

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