Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How He Loves.....

Music is about as vital to me as oxygen, it seems. It's amazing to me how God can work through music to speak to hearts and show His love. Even through bands who play unconventional "Christian" music. :) Our praise band has decided to do "How He Loves" as a Christmas song this year. Not the norm, I know, but it speaks of his amazing love and how very undeserving we are. This song is so encouraging to us, as followers of Christ who have to fight in this world to see Jesus. I know for me, I fall short daily....maybe even hourly. How amazing is it that although we are completely flawed, and we dishonor Him constantly, that He still loves us so much? This band singing this song is called Jesus Culture. They are INSANE. I have fallen in love with them, and I go to Youtube daily and just worship with them. It's like you can feel their passion through the screen. I want to have that passion all the time. When Im on stage leading music with my husband and our awesome band, I never want to "go through the motions." I want God to be tangible. I want to feel Him all the time, and just experience His presence. I want to feel His love and know that although I am nothing, He is everything and He loves me all the time, just as I am.


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