Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ahhh, Im back.

So, once again, I most likely have no followers at this point, since I haven't posted in forever. thats ok. maybe this should be my personal therapy anyway. Kinda like a journal of sorts. So much has happened lately that has put me in a funk. Here, I can vent, share thoughts, all while keeping situations and people anonymous of course. I can share life with others who have common interests with me, and just have fun meeting new people. :) I made the decision to perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanately delete my Facebook page. For one, I spend far too much time on there, just "seeing what other people are doing." Who cares, really? Not to mean that in a negative way, but I have a full life, school, church, yada, yada, yada, and somehow, I can find tons of time to just hangout on FB. It can be a great tool for keeping up with people, but it can also become a dangerous addiction. So, I deleted it. We have some dramas going on right now that need prayed through, so thats my plan. Im reading a new book, "Secondhand Jesus," that discussed the "rumored" version of jesus as opposed to who He really is. Not the watered down, "cool" version of Jesus, but the Holy, Glorious Jesus. Thats the one that I want to know and have a close relationship with. :)
In addition to returning to the blogging world, I have joined a few forums, which is new to me. In the last year, I have become a couponer, at the grocery store anyway. I want to learn to be like those insane ladies that can get tons of free stuff when they go anywhere; Walgreens, CVS, Haris Teeter, etc. :) I like free stuff, and now I have a little extra time to be productive. I'd like to use this blog too, to share info with other Mommas who like bargains. I also like easy, healthy recipes, and at times, may post new ones that I like. :) I will try to update daily, but we shall see how that plays out!

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