Monday, November 3, 2008

Sorry...I'm Slack.

Yes, I know it's been forever since I posted. My two faithful viewers have informed me that they cannot go through their week without knowing what's going on in my life. (Rachel and Jessica :) ) Of course alot has happened since my last post. The loser teacher is gone, thank God! We currently have a substitute until we can find a replacement. She is alot of help. Apparently, not everyone wants to teach bipolar children. Why not? Everyday is an ADVENTURE! Ha. I am currently nursing a slightly loose tooth and a busted lip thanks to one of my little darlings. Yes, I got beat up by an 8 year old girl. (You can stop laughing now, I really got hurt...) She packs a good punch. She might have a career in boxing. :) She was in the middle of a meltdown where she started punching on a boy that was smaller than her. I knew that she could really hurt him, so I intervened. She didn't really know what she was doing when she punched me. She was just in the middle of a crazy meltdown, and I wasn't able to get her restrained quickly enough before she got a few hits in to my FACE! She did apologize later, though. I went to the dentist, and, sure enough, my tooth is loose. There's nothing that can be done at this point, I just have to wait for it to tighten back up. Don't worry, in the meantime, I have good pain meds! Haha! That same day that I got punched in the teeth, I also got bit 3 times, and thrown into a cafeteria table. I have a tennis ball size bruise on the back of my arm, and a hurt back from that. Ugghh. I need to get hazardous work environment pay. Now do you see why it's difficult to find a teacher?

Next up...Halloween was fun. I took the boys trick or treating with a bunch of friends. My hubby and his friend, Adam, organized a church community event where we set up in two neighborhoods and passed out coffee and hot chocolate to parents who were taking their kids out. We also had some drawings for prizes. We had 2 MP3 players, CD's, Real Life T shirts, etc. It was cool. We set up bounce houses for the kids. That's always fun. :) The boys dressed up like Ninjas. Rodney and I are gonna dress them up again so we can take pictures, because I misplaced the camera right before we left to take them out. Doh!

Lastly, I have a huge prayer request. I follow a blog for a little baby named Kayleigh Anne Freeman. She was a preemie born at CMC Charlotte where Carly, my niece, was born. She is going to be having a HUGE heart operation tomorrow, I think. Read her blog to learn more about it, but it sounds very scary. She is such a precious baby and has had so many struggles. Please pray that she comes though this perfect, and recovers 110% so that she can go home soon. Go to
Also, my new baby niece should be here in about 8 weeks! Yea!! I am soooo flippin excited! God has soo blessed us giving us another baby niece. This pregnancy is going great, but if you ask Rachel, she's exhausted. ;) The joys of pregnancy. She did find out that she has gestational diabetes, so keep her in your prayers with that. I just can't wait to hold that beautiful baby. She's going to be spoiled rotten. I can't believe that she'll be here in no time. Right after Christmas. I couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift! Please continue to pray for a healthy, full term pregnancy for Rachel, and a perfect, healthy baby when all is said and done. God is amazing. I'll try to be better with blogging from now on...promise.

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