Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Baby Angel

So, most of you know our sad news. My sister in law, Rachel, and her fiance, Ryan sent a new baby angel to be with Jesus on Friday. She was 32 weeks along with baby Hannah Kathleen. She came to visit with us on Wednesday, and had had a doctor's appointment that morning. All was fine with her. She had a strong heartbeat, and their was no cause for alarm. She went home Thursday and that night, wasn't feeling Hannah moving. She drank some coffee and laid down, and still didn't feel anything. She went to the hospital and they tried for 2 hours to find a heartbeat. The doctor came in soon after to do an ultrasound, and confirmed their biggest nightmare. Hannah was gone. They delievered her at 9:00am Friday morning. She was 2lbs and 15ozs. She had black hair, and was beautiful. The doctor told Rachel that the placenta had attached to her uterine scar from her previous c section when she delievered Carly, who went to Heaven in March. Hannah was not able to get what she needed to survive because she wasn't getting blood and nutrients. He also was not able to deliver the whole placenta, because of some large blood vessels that had formed there. Rachel ran a high fever for a few days and had some heavy bleeding. The doctor also said that she may have to have a D and C, and possibly a full hysterectomy. PLEASE, PLEASE pray that this is NOT the case for Rachel. We believe in miracles, and nothing is impossible for MY GOD. He has raised from the dead, and healed the sick...HE CAN DO ANYTHING. I believe that with all my heart. Hannah's funeral will be Thursday. I can't imagine losing one baby, let alone 2 in less than a year. God is faithful, however, and He will carry them through this. We don't understand why things like this happen. God doesn't promise us that we won't see troubles, He just promises to NEVER leave us. I pray right now that God, You would touch Rachel and Ryan and comfort them as only YOU can. I pray that you supernaturally intervene and do what seems impossible. You say that you will give us the desires of our heart, and YOU know that this is Rachel and Ryan's most intimate desire. They want children of their own, just as Abraham and Sarah did. You blessed them with Samuel, and I pray that you bless Rachel and Ryan with a healthy, happy baby that they can raise and love unconditionally. Please, God, touch them right now, and allow them to feel your love and grace, and let them know that You are right there with them. I know that as you cuddle those babies in your arms that you know the love that Rachel and Ryan have for them. It's the same love that you have for their Mommy and Daddy. Help them to feel that in an unbelievable way. Help this to bring them closer to each other, but most importantly, to You. You say that you never give us more than we can handle, Lord, I believe that. Comfort them through this horrific time. I can't imagine, God, what they are feeling. We love them so much, Lord, and we just want to cradle them like you are those beautiful babies. Give us the words to say that will help them through this time. I ask for your incredible Spirit to pour down on them like they have never experienced before. I love you so much Jesus. Thank you for how amazing you are, even through tragic situations. You are very aware of what it's like to lose a child. Help them to know that you fully understand what they are feeling.


Carly said...

Dear Nikki,

What beautiful prayer. I have been praying my best prayers for your family. I have been reading Rachels blog for a while now and when I saw that she hadn't posted in a while I thought I would check her comments to make sure everything was okay.

I found Rachel's youtube video about her sweetest Carly and ever since then I have prayed for her. My heart sunk when I started to scroll down the list of deep sympathy comments.

I have started a candle light vigil for them and I will be putting all the photo's of candles that people have sent me around the world into a video clip. So many people have emailed me with their photo's. The human spirit is such a beautiful thing.

We have taken some special pictures at the beach near our home for Rachel and Ryan. I will be putting them into the clip too.

I feel completely broken for them. I only know half of their pain and could never imagine knowing it all. I pray that JESUS will help keep their heads above the waters of grief. It looks like they have a beautiful caring family.

I am praying for God's peace to be a warm blanket around all of you.

Thank you for writing,

Much Love and Hope,

Carly from Australia

Anonymous said...

I can never express how hurt I am for your family; it's horrible to lose a child. I love your prayer for them. They are so blessed to have a sister in law like you. My prayers are with you all. Love you.

Jacquie said...

Dear Nikki,
What a beautiful way to remember both Hannah and Carly. I know that there are no words to express enough comfort, but I pray that you know how much we love you and your family and how we keep you so close to our hearts and in our prayers. I love you!