Sunday, September 28, 2008

So many Good things!!

So, lots has happened since I last blogged. I've been busy, so it's been awhile. First off, the teacher that I was with doesn't work there anymore, which (sigh!) is a relief. I did get convicted this morning in church, however, of the gossipy attitude that I've had towards him. I've bad mouthed him to anyone and everyone that will listen, and that is not right. I know better than that. No matter what I personally think of him, I should be praying for him before anything, not being critical of him. So (gulp!) I'm sorry for handling that situation the way that I did. Please genuinely pray for him. Pray for me, also, that God would take away my gossipy, negative attitude. It doesn't help anything. It actually tends to make bad decisions worse.

Next, the Joye twins that belong to Wade and Ferris (you can get to their blogs from mine) went home this past week!! Yea!! That is such amazing news!! These twins were 3 months premature, and there was a pretty good chance in the beginning that at least one, if not both wouldn't make it out of that hospital, but God allowed the sun to "STAND STILL" over those baby girls, and He was faithful to his promise. He told Wade and Ferris early on that their girls would be healthy, no matter what they were told by doctors. Now, they are healthy, happy girls at home with their parents. Keep praying over these girls and their parents, and keep checking their blog. It will really encourage you!

Church was fantastic today! We had almost 200 people in both services combined! WOW! To think, a year ago, we started with, like, 15 people! God is amazingly ridiculous! We trusted Him, and like always, he delivered! Rodney and I went into today kind of glum. We've dealt with some things the past two weeks, so, please keep us in your prayers as well. The music was rough during practice this week, and we were concerned that we would be more of a distraction, but it went really well! We had a few technological issues, but other than that, it was great! God showed up and it was wonderful!

We went as a church and watched "Fireproof" Friday night. We rented out a showing of it and passed tickets out to people we know. We packed the theatre out! That was a fabulous movie. If you haven't had a chance to see it, GO! It will really inspire your marriage. Whether your marriage is awesome, or maybe feels like its falling apart, go see this movie. With all the movies that promote divorce as soon as things go bad, it's nice to see a movie that you can see from God's stand on it.

Now, I've gotta go take care of the 7 children that are in our house!! Yikes! It's great! ;) Our friends Adam and Andrea are on a date! We are glad to help. I'm sure quiet times in their house are few and far between. 5 of the children here are theirs, and the oldest is at our pastor's house having a play date!! Fun times!!

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