Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Music Lessons

So, Rodney and I had our first vocal lesson today! We heard of a vocal coach through our friend Alexis. She is awesome! She allows us to do our lessons together, since we sing together in the band, and she only charges us the price for 1 person. How cool is that? Also, she is going to start giving us both piano lessons next week!! Yea!! I have always wanted to learn piano. I am extremely excited!

Onto my school drama. Today was really no better than the others have been. He is now "attempting" to teach, by pulling stuff directly off of other teacher's lesson plans. He teaches things that are wayyyy too difficult for our kids. He doesn't seem to grasp the concept that our kids are EC, even though supposedly, he's an EC teacher. I'm so annoyed. He left at noon today due to back pain, which was nice. He's barely there in person, anyway, I'd rather him not be there at all. Then at least I can teach the kids in a way that they are going to understand. We really had a fun afternoon. We had recess, then we went inside for some Math. We practiced multiplications tables, which they all really struggle with, and them played a Bingo Multiplication game. I couldn't find any game pieces, so we used Goldfish crackers! ;0 I'm so creative. Of course, they became snack after the game was over! Haha! That's all. I'm going to bed!

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Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

that is a neat and fun way to play bingo...with goldfish! Where were you when I was in school? Oh yeah, sitting in the same grade just different class! LOL