Monday, August 11, 2008


So, tonight was the first night of the first VBS for Real Life Church!! It was awesome! We had almost 50 kids..actually more including nursery! Hopefully we will have more tomorrow. The kids had a blast. Everything went very smoothly, thank goodness. I thought my friend Robyn (the pastor's wife) was gonna have an aneurysm. :) Haha. All went well, though. She is awesome and she got VBS off to a great start. We would all be a mess without her. It was really fun to dress up like pirates! The theme is "the Pirates who Don't do Anything" (veggie tales). VBS is a great way to end the summer. I have to go back to school Monday. Ugghhh. It will be great, though. I miss the kids and the people that I work with. They are all great. The kids are my favorite. I work in BED, (pretty much, difficult children in difficult situations) and I love it. Most of these kids just need good direction and love. None of them are "bad", and they have heard that they are most of their life, which is really sad. I love being the one to encourage them and lift them up. I'm going to go now and check Wade and Ferris Joye's blogs and then go to bed. If you really need a blessing, or just need to see how awesome God is, check out their blogs. I look so forward everyday to checking them. They recently had twin daughters very prematurely. They are still in the hospital in Charlotte, but they are doing phenomenal. Wade is a worship leader at Elevation Church in Charlotte, where my family visited a few times before we moved down to Fayetteville. I love that church. Check out their website Their pastor is Steven Furdick, and he is incredible. Check them out!! Goodnight!

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