Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Well, I haven't been on in a few days. We stay soooo flippin busy all the time. Time seems to fly away before we know it. Rodney and I went to Albemarle this past weekend and sung in a wedding. It was very nice. Rodney was so incredibly nervous. I thought it was hilarius because he's a worship pastor! He leads people singing all the time and he's awesome at it. He is silly sometimes. It went really good though. I love the opportunity to sing with my husband. Especially sweet lovey dovey songs. Hmmmm...anyway, I also got to go and see my friend Judy's new baby girl Madi. She is beautiful of course. She is just a little thing, around 6 lbs. I don't know anything about 6 lb babies. Bren was 8lb 12 1/2oz, and Micah was 9lb 8oz!! They were almost toddlers when they were born, but that's cool, cuz one day, they'll be NFL stars, and will be supporting their loving parents who live in St. Thomas!! Or maybe Australia..I would love to see kangaroos....I'm so ADD! Hehe! Baby Madi is such a blessing. She is gonna be spoiled rotten. I can't wait until the first of January when we have my new baby niece!! ugghhh! The anticipation is keellling me!! Church was great today, like always. One of my buddies, Brandon, talked about his recent mission trip to Hong Kong. God really blessed them, and us through Brandon. He definitely has a calling in missions. Anyways, it's really late, and I'm going to bed!! Night Night!

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