Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prayer request for Joye Twins

Hey everybody, please really lift up Wade and Ferris Joye's twin girls, Adleigh and Liana up in prayer right now. I want to get everybody that reads this (I don't know how many that is, but it doesn't matter), to please copy and paste this to your email contact list, church prayer chain, etc. They are preemie babies that are currently in CMC Charlotte. You can check my blog list and click on Ferris's for better updates. Liana is actually doing pretty well. She is now in progressive care, but is having a little trouble with feedings. Ferris wants her to take a full bottle very soon. The sooner she can do that and tolerate it, the sooner they can come home. Liana also needs prayer for a severe brain bleed that she had. Please pray that when the next ultrasound is done, that there will be no evidence of a brain bleed at all and she will be completely healed and normal. With Adleigh, she just got moved back to the NICU today from progressive care due to some issues she has been having. They had to put her back on a vent, which, as you can imagine is extremely difficult on her parents to watch. Her oxygen had to go way up as well. Please pray that she gets some needed rest while in the NICU. She is having her 2nd blood transfusion in a few hours. Pray that that gives her the needed strength to recover and move back to progressive care with her sister. Wade and Ferris are such an encouragement to so many people. They are awesome Jesus loving people, who still believe that He heals. I DO TOO!! I know in my heart that God has a huge plan for these little girls, and I ask that you all pray and intercede on their behalf. The projected date for them to go home if all goes well in Sept. 18th, but I pray that God works it out to where it is sooner than that. I ask for perfectly healthy, beautiful girls who love Jesus with their whole hearts, and go to any length to tell others about Him and what He has done in their lives!

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