Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ahhhh...the joys of motherhood

I love my boys with all my heart, as I've said previously, but they are a handful!! As I sit here writing this, my youngest, Micah, is screaming at the top of his lungs at Brendan, my four year old. Apparently, they are having sharing issues. What else is new. This has become the normin our house...lots and lots of screaming and crying! I thought this morning, we (Rodney and I) are in desperate need of a solo vacation. Maybe find a sitter and go to the mountains for the weekend. That would be nice. Then I thought, if we didn't have them, we would beg to hear their crying and arguing again. I love being a Mom. Every day is filled with new joys and new challenges. We just have to rely on God to be our strength, and, at times, our therapist. he doesn't mind. hhe knows what goes on in our life before we do, so He understands how we feel. When all feels lost, and you think that you are at your breaking point with stress, work, kids, whatever, talk to Him about it. He will guide and direct you. He's really cool like that. Oh! I have something awesome to report! My sister in law sent me a Myspace message yesterday and said that she had a great doctor's appt! She's pregnant for the second time. She's 18 weeks along. Her first daughter was born in November when Rachel was only 28 weeks along. She weighed in at only 13 ozs. She beat the odds of prematurity ad did really well. It ended up being a heart defect that took her life in early March. She was four months old and barely shy of 4 lbs. She was our baby girl, and now she is going to be a sister in Heaven. Her name was Carly Nicole, and she looked just like a china doll. Her new sister is due around New Years. The pregnancy is going great and the doctor announced that Rachel is no longer considered high risk! God is awesome!! Anyways, I'm off to work now. Bye!


jessdare said...

Hey Nikki,

Your blog is awesome!! I promise I will be a faithful follower, you don't have to worry about me neglecting your blog and going elsewhere ha ha!!

jessdare said...

Nikki just wanted you to know that above is me!!


Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus! I will pray that your sister's pregnancy continues to go well. New babies are such a joy. See you Sunday!

Karen P.