Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, my first post is...I don't know anything about this blogging stuff! I am completely illiterate! My hubby is gonna have to tutor me on it! Tehe! Hopefully he won't mind! I did figure out how to post blogs, though, so that's a start. I thought that starting a blog would be kind off like a journal, and also a testimony of how God has worked in my life. Hopefully, I won't bore anyone too bad. If I do, find someone else's blog to read! Just kidding. I'll post again tomorrow. I am now going to put Brendan to bed. It's 37 minutes past his bedtime. Micah has been in bed for 30 minutes already, and i don't hear any screaming, so that's a good sign. I them am gonna try to find some ice cream. (Fat free, of course) Then, i plan to go hang out with my hubby and maybe enjoy a little peace and quiet. Night Night!!

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