Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye for now, sweet Kayleigh...

My heart is broken as I sit to write this blog. You guys should all know about Kayleigh Freeman, the baby girl at CMC in Charlotte that was a preemie. I’ve written about her a lot. I’ve talked about all that she has overcome, and how amazing she is. Well, now, she is absolutely perfect and resting in the arms of her Maker. Even though that is the best place for her, we can’t help being selfish and being upset about this outcome. Her family is devastated, but remains steadfast in their faith that God will see them through this. Not only has her family lost their daughter, but, due to medical bills and other financial issues while Kayleigh was in the hospital, they are losing their house this month as well, to foreclosure. They have had so many amazing people to help support them financially. I’m not sure why there wasn’t enough money raised to help them save their home. I don’t know how far behind they were. Anyways, please keep Adam, Aimee, and their other 2 children in your most sincere thoughts and prayers. It’s going to be a hard road of recovery, but Jesus will see them through every step of the way.

Also, I have a friend who is going in today to have her labor induced. She is very young (19) and is already the mother of a precious 1 year old little girl. The new baby is going to be a boy, but, sadly, he is not healthy. He has a condition where the majority of his brain is missing. The doctor said that he made have suffered a stroke in the early stages of development. His other organs are fine, though. He is not expected to live very long after birth. Our church family is giving her all the love and support that we can. I pray, above all else, that she feels the love that God has for her. I pray that she is completely overwhelmed by how amazing He is. She doesn’t have a relationship with Him right now, but I know that she will, because I believe that my God answers prayers, and she has had many sent up on her behalf.
Please pray today and in the days to come that God completely wrap her in his love, peace, and comfort to help her through this. Also, pray that He help us to know what to do and say to help her and show her the love of Christ. I’ll update as soon as he’s born and we know more about the situation.

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