Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alright. I've neglected this...but PLEASE READ!

Hi everyone. I hope that I haven't lost every one of my few followers. :) I have very sad news, and I need your help. Most of you have heard me speak of Kayleigh Freeman, daughter of Adam and Aimee in Charlotte. Kayleigh was a preemie, born weighing just a pound. She is currently 10 months old, and is still in the hospital at CMC, where our Carly poo was. Kayleigh has been a fighter. She had heart surgery a few months back, and was the smallest baby to have this surgery successfully. She has fought off illnesses, overcome prematurity, and just been simply amazing during her journey. Sadly, she had some procedures done last week (G-tube, Nissen, and hernia surgeries). She did not wake up from them, and now she has no brain activity. God is so much bigger than this, however, and I am very aware that He has healed the sick and raised the dead. I also know that His will will always be done, and it will be the right thing, always. I trust in that. I do pray for miraculous healing. I pray that He touch her right now, and that she would wake up with no damage at all. If that's His will, that will happen, and He will get all the praise for it. If it's His will to go ahead and bring her home, I believe that that's healing her completely.
Her family is devastated, as you can imagine. This has been such a roller coaster. It is so similar to the journey with Carly, except that Carly didn't have to fight quite so long. Her parents were looking so forward to bringing Kayleigh home soon, and I think are still planning to. They will bring her home for the last little bit of time that she's here on Earth. Please constantly keep them lifted up in prayer that God will provide them with the comfort and peace that only he can provide.
Along with all of this devastation at possibly losing their daughter, they are up to their eyeballs in debt. The horrid economy, and the fact that they are Real Estate agents have left them in a mess. They have been paying close to a thousand dollars a month for medical insurance, and, because of that, they are in foreclosure on their house, they have had 1 vehicle repossessed, and the bills continue to stack up all around them. Now, unfortunatley, they may have a funeral to pay for as well. Jesus commands us to take care of each other. You can pray, and that's awesome, but if you have the ability to help, you should help. If we could pass this along, and get 250 people to donate $20, that would be $5000! If we could get people to donate $40, that would be $10000! This really isn't hard. How many times do we go to Wal Mart and spend $20 dollars on absolutely nothing? I do it all the time. All you have to do is click on the "Help Kayleigh Freeman" link at the top of this page to give a monetary donation. Please help them take some stress off. Keep checking this page, too, because I'm currently trying to come up with ideas for fundraisers to help. If you have any ideas, please let me know! Thank you guys! God bless! :)

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