Sunday, January 4, 2009

Updates on some REALLY cool stuff!!

So, God continues to amaze us with all the response that we are getting in regards to the Onesie Drive. We have had so many people offer to help. Go to Rachel's blog for details on some AWESOME stuff! I am so excited right now, because I'm a little star-struck. I sent several celebrity singers Myspace messages regarding the drive, not really expecting any response. Well, Fireflight, who happens to be my FAVORITE Christian alternative band responded today!! Wendy, the bass guitar player, and one of the vocalists sent me a message sending her support to Rachel during this time in her life. ;) WOW! Not only am I star struck, (I am aware that they are just normal people like you and I, only with much more opportunity to help ;) hehe) they really could do some great things for this drive, if they can. I replied back asking what they might be able to do. I asked if they could put a link on their website to our site. Who knows? I had to try. I also want to say thank you to someone very special to Rachel and I. Carly Dudley from Australia has been such a support to Rachel and our family since we lost Carly (baby Carly), and her care and support has really meant the world to us. She lost a beautiful baby herself, and through that, she helps others grieve their lost babies through "Names in the Sand", where she goes out and writes their names in the sand on the beach. It is amazing, and so comforting. Go to her blog at and look at all that she has going on for others. It will amaze you. She is such an incredible person, and we have been so blessed to have her throughout this year. :) We love you Carly! XOXOXO

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Carly said...

I'm in tears. Thank you, thank you very much x

I love you girls too!