Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Annual Preemie Onesie Drive!

Scroll down to my previous blog to see the video of my angel baby niece, Carly Nicole. She passed away in March of this year from a heart defect at 4 months old. She was born at 28 weeks, and was only 13 ozs. She was such a fighter, and we miss her terribly. My sister in law (Carly's Mom) gave birth to another baby girl this past November, who was stillborn. Her name was Hannah Kathlean, and she was born sleeping at 32 weeks. She was only 2 lbs, 15 ozs. The video before is of Hannah.)We have no idea why these baby girls were taken so early, but we have peace in knowing that God can always make good from any tragic situation. There is no telling what remarkable things that He has planned through what I'm about to tell you about.

My sister in law is starting an annual preemie onesie drive in their honor. The donations will be delivered on March 9, which is the day Carly went to be with Jesus. The donations will go to Levine Children's Hospital's NICU for all the preemies to have. With all of the ups and downs and uncertainties in the NICU, one simple pleasure that a Momma or Daddy can have is being able to dress their baby. The hospital doesn't carry onesies for preemies. Receiving blankets are also needed. Any monetary donations are also greatly appreciated, and will be used to purchase more onesies if needed, or as a donation straight to Levine's for new NICU equipment and premature infant research.

Please donate!! Your generosity could save a baby's life, or at least, make a NICU Mom's day a little brighter!!

What could be a better way to spend some money?? Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. You can donate from my blog!
Spread the WORD!! Thanks! :)


Check out the blog for more info:
www. preemieonesiedrive. blogspot. com (You can get here from my blog)

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Carly said...

This is incredible!

I will put a section in our monthly news letter and I will also put a link on the memorial page!