Sunday, August 3, 2008

Growing, growing!!

So, church this morning was great! I wish that we had service more than once a week. We actually took a pole today in service to find out when people would like to have another service, like a second Sunday service. Currently, we are extremely crowded, which is an awesome problem to have!! We tried doing an early service, but, apparently, Real Life does not have any early birds, except for staff that have to be there. We had 1 person show up this morning for early service! Haha! So, obviously, we canceled it. We are considering either a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday evening service. We really want to give people a chance to come that have to work on Sundays. It really makes me so excited to see new people almost every Sunday at our church. We have only been a "church" for 1 year! It is amazing how God has worked. At first, we had a launch group of about 20, including children. Now, most Sundays, we average about 100!! WOW! That is this summer...this fall should bring people back who have not been around much of the summer. We had a new couple come today that actually found us on our website. That was cool. Our website has been seriously neglected in the past 6 months, so it was nice to see it actually do some good. We have an awesome new man in our church who we believe God provided to get us up and going more in the technological world. Hopefully, he can spruce up our website, and get this church really rockin! It's amazing how God provides. It seems that whatever we have needed for our church, He has provided, whether that be a particular person with a particular gift, or a material object. It is awesome!

To update on our abused girl from the previous posting, I am glad to say that she called our pastor's wife yesterday and said that she wanted to come back. That was Saturday. We thought that she'd have come before now, but we are trusting that God is working on her and giving her the courage to come. I'm sure it's gonna be a battle with her "boyfriend." I hope not. He's such a jerk. A very unmanly, cowardly JERK! Pray for him, that God dramatically changes his heart and his life, and that I learn not to be so judgemental..but he really is a JERK! :) (God's still workin on me....)

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